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Welcome to the Cat's Pyjamas Patterns!
I have hundreds of original patterns de


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Rusty Bed Springs -- New style!-rusty, rust, bedspring, bedsprings, bed spring, bed springs, supplies, make-do, makedo, nodder, tree
Rusty Bed Springs -- New style!
$3.99 - $38.99
Feathers-feathers, feather bed, antique feather bed, repairing feather pillows, repair feather bed
Out of Stock
Screw Eyes-screw eyes, hooks & eyes, paperclay hangers, screw hooks
Screw Eyes
$6.75 - $29.25
Kraft Pattern Bags-kraft flat merchandise bags, pattern bags
Kraft Pattern Bags
$9.99 - $19.99
Little Rusty Snowflakes-rusty, metal, snowflake, snowflakes, snow flakes, winter, jewelry, charms, charm, snowman, snowmen,
Little Rusty Snowflakes
Rusty Wire-rusty tin twisted wire
Rusty Wire
Out of Stock
Vintage Domino Beads-vintage dominoes, old dominoes, antique domino beads, resin domino beads, doll supplies, doll access
Vintage Domino Beads
Vintage Dice Resin Beads-vintage dice, old dice, antique die beads, resin die beads, doll supplies, doll accessories, vintage
Vintage Dice Resin Beads
Antique Gold Key Charms-vintage key charms, old keys charms, antique key jewlery, altered art keys, doll supplies, doll acce
Antique Gold Key Charms
Antique Gold Metal Coins-antique gold coins, antique gold coin charms, vintage coin jewelry, altered art gold coins
Antique Gold Metal Coins
Typewriter Key Charms-antique typewriter key charms, vintage typewriter keys, altered art typewriter keys, type writer key
Typewriter Key Charms
Out of Stock
Stained Hang  Tags-hang tags, hangtags, blank hang-tags, doll making supplies
Stained Hang Tags
$5.99 - $3.99

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Flora Pattern-doll pattern, stuffed magazine project diy floral flower cloth doll
Flora Pattern

Mr. Rabbit-rodney mr. rabbit doll pattern, stuffed magazine project diy Easter cloth doll
Mr. Rabbit

Bertha Bunny-folk art bunny pattern, primitive rabbit pattern, Easter sewing pattern, Create & Decorate pattern
Bertha Bunny

Basket of Bunnies-bunnies, easter, rabbit
Basket of Bunnies

Hippity Hoppity Pillow-stitchery pattern, Easter stitchery pattern, primitive Easter, Hippity Hoppity Easter pattern, folk
Hippity Hoppity Pillow

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